Todd Warner is an Errant Ruminant

Or at the very least he can relate to those individuals who break free from the flock to—if only for a moment—venture out on their own in search of something better, or unique, or more meaningful, or fulfilling, or . . .

Todd lives on a small homestead in North Carolina (USA) with his wife. They both work the farm and serve as real estate brokers, all while Todd remains involved in the tech industry in a small capacity. Above all else though, Todd desperately tries to find time to write, but often finds himself distracted by the responsibilities associated to wide-open acreage, fitful weather, and, of course, errant ruminants.

Hence, this blog is intended to capture at least some of that activity.
⮎ farm ⤑ hack ⤑ write ⤑ real estate ⮌


Curriculum vitae minimus


  • Soldier: a decade in the US military—US Army, combat arms
  • Corporate Tech Worker: two decades in the tech industry—coder, manager, product manager, technical sales
  • Journalist/Columnist: tech-ish ezine; for pay even!

While . . .

  • Open Source Contributor: hacking, documentation, packaging, and other technical dabblings
  • Farmer/Homesteader: honey bees, poultry, ruminants, a smidge of gardening
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Fitfully Intermittent Writer: journaling, poetry, personal essays, memoirs, short stories, and a novel in the works


Todd can often be found typing away in various cafes and libraries scattered throughout the North Carolina Piedmont. Other means of contact found here.