O beatissime lector, lava manus tuas et sic librum adprehende, leniter folia turna, longe a littera digito pone.*

A lot of things go into developing a blog, website, or digital footprint. This describes how we develop and manage Errant Ruminant's digital presence.

Basic Infrastructure

Development Tools

  • Todd's laptop: Fedora Linux workstation
  • Image manipulation: GIMP and Inkscape
  • Offline document creation and brainstorming: Joplin
    Packages for Fedora Linux can be found here.

Images, Text and Fonts, Color Pallet

  • Image formatting: JPG and PNG predominate. Complex imagery is generally sourced from a SVG graphic developed using Inkscape.
  • Image dimensions for the website: . . .
  • Image text fonts: . . .
  • Text: markdown is used to develop source material and in configuration, generally, but it varies.
  • Fonts: governed by the Ghost platform and are not forced.
  • Ghost publishing platform theme:
    • The Massively theme predominates, but other themes are often explored.
    • Ghost is customized to lead with a static root page and then follow native blog-ish structure for the rest of the site
  • General color pallet: . . .
  • Content styling: The Chicago Manual of Style is adhered to, until it is not.
  • . . . more to come . . .

* Translation: "O most gracious reader, wash your hands and touch the book only like this: turn the pages softly and keep your finger far away from the text". -Colophon Wikipedia entry